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Learn About The Science of HBOT

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

New applications in investigative techniques, such as Spect Scans, MRI with MRA, Transcutaneous Oximetry, Neurotransmitter Laboratory Evaluations, etc. have been able to document the changes produced, and have the potential to move “theoretical” propositions into the realm of fact. We are committed to advancing this scientific body of knowledge and evidence that supports the use of HBOT for conditions currently considered “investigational” or “off-label” in nature (i.e. non-FDA approved).

Outside the United States, research utilizing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as a treatment for a variety of conditions strongly supports its efficacy and effectiveness. HBOT is consistently used in many other countries as the main course of therapy prescribed to patients with various non-FDA approved conditions by United States standards, before any other procedure is recommended.

Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Treatment Center of Queens is a diversified firm specializing in the development and management of Hyperbaric Medicine Facilities, offering everything from set-up, to consulting, to complete autonomy of operating such a center.

I think he knows these treatments are helping him so he has come to terms with the fact that he has to come to get better.

– Mother of patient with a traumatic brain injury

I’m proud to say that as of today the sore on my foot has closed and I’m no longer in danger of losing my foot. I actually get this to the care I received it from the doctor and her staff.

– Patient with a diabetic foot ulcer

His articulation has increased significantly. Michael’s comprehension has increased. He understands everything we ask and tells him now.

– Mother of patient with cerebral edema

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